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Video keno is a widely popular game because it has so many possible bets and the payouts can be massive. Keno is very similar to the lottery, but is played at a faster pace and gives you the option of how many numbers you wish to select. You have a better chance of winning at keno than you do the lottery, but the payouts arenít as big as the lotteries either.

In most cases, you will be able to play keno for quite a bit longer than you can the lottery. This is due to the fact that a keno game can last a bit longer since it doesn't consist of simply watching a few number show up.

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Selecting Keno Numbers

If you play video keno, you will get a ticket with numbers 1 through 80 on it. In video keno, there will be a simulated card displayed on the screen with numbers on it since you canít physically have the card. The point of the game is to pick some numbers and hope that those numbers will be drawn.

To select the numbers you want, all you have to do is click on them. If you decide you donít want the number you selected, just click it again and it will unselect it. Most casinos allow you to select anywhere between 1 and 20 numbers, but every casino and internet casino is different. Some casinos only allow you to select between 1 through 10, 12, or 15 numbers. Of the 80 numbers, a total of 20 numbers will be drawn as winning numbers.

In video keno, the numbers are randomly selected by a computer and will be displayed on the screen. The numbers that match what you selected will be highlighted so that you can easily see if any of your numbers were drawn.

Keno Payouts

The payouts and even the payout structure also vary greatly from casino to casino. If you select 20 numbers, some casinos will even payout for you not having any of your numbers drawn. Some casinos have a jackpot so that if all of your numbers are drawn, you can win the jackpot or part of the jackpot. This jackpot style of playing is another similarity to the lottery.

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Different casinos allow you to bet different amounts as well. You bet with what they call coins and the coin holds a value of whatever the casino chooses. Different casinos have different maximums of how many coins you can bet at one time. For example, some casinos may have the coin worth a quarter with a maximum bet of four coins. That means that you can bet one, two, three, or four coins, but no more than four and no less than one.

Although there is no real way to beat the house or even increase your odds against the house, some people believe there are a few strategies to playing keno. Some people believe the numbers that are chosen are often somewhat grouped together, so itís best to keep your bets in groups rather than spread out across the board.

Once you choose your numbers, itís best to keep those same numbers until you win big with them. The numbers that are drawn are random, so in the long run, each number should be drawn about the same number of times. If your numbers didnít get drawn, itís likely that they will get picked eventually. By keeping the same numbers, you are basically getting multiple chances for you numbers to be drawn. If you change your numbers each time, you are basically only getting once chance for your numbers to get picked.

Video keno is a fairly easy game to play and you can have great fun doing so. Make sure to check out the other articles on this site for additional information. Even though you may play simply due to the fun factor of video keno, the possibility of winning big will keep you playing for hours on end.

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